UQ Algae Energy Farm

Located in Pinjarra Hills (outside of Brisbane, Queensland) and developed in partnership with support from the local livestock industry, Schenk Lab’s Algae Energy Facility is a demonstration farm that deploys new cost-saving technologies to produce food, feed, nutraceuticals or biodiesel from microalgae.

Pinjarra Hills

The Algae Energy Farm was officially opened on August 19th, 2014. It is an off-grid 250,000-L demonstration module that utilises in-house expertise gained in our laboratories to industrial scale low-cost cultivation, harvesting and drying technologies tailored for microalgae production. Through continued optimisation of the production processes at Pinjarra, Schenk Lab are currently yielding an estimated 60 barrels of biodiesel and 50 tonnes of algal biomass per hectare per year.

A combination of the module with anaerobic digestion will allow fertiliser recycling for operation as a zero-input Algae Energy Farm. For more information, please contact us.

We offer a 360° approach to algae cultivation, harvesting and extraction for our industry partners. This includes supply of suitable strains, training at the Algae Energy Farm as well as assistance with farm design, techno-economic analyses for various production scenarios, as well as assistance during farm construction and operation during the first 12 months.

Watch our Algae Biotech video. With thanks from UQNTV 14.