Nexgen Plants

Harmful viruses can cause billions of dollars in damage to our crops, threatening our future food supply. To address this global problem, Nexgen Plants Pty Ltd is enhancing cutting edge virus resistance technology, developed by Professor Peer Schenk’s group at The University of Queensland that enables virus resistant plant varieties to be developed for major food, fibre, energy and ornamental crops used around the world.

The Nexgen technology enables resistance for RNA type viruses to be conferred in a plant variety using either transgenic or cisgenic breeding methods. It can also be used to screen tilling populations and germplasm collections for naturally occurring resistance. This transformation process aligns with existing molecular breeding processes and provides durable resistance against plant viruses and resistance for a number of related virus isolates / variants.

For a brief introduction we have included the video below. Further information can be found via the Nexgen Plants Website.