Schenklab Algae Biotechnology Services

Schenklab have significant in-house experience isolating and characterizing various algae strains. Our team routinely sample and collect environmental cultures from various locations and as such, have developed a wealth of experience cleaning up, isolating and identifying cultures of interest from mixed cultures samples contaminated with non-algal protists; other bacteria; fungi ect.
We can offer:

  • Taxonomic Identification of Microalgae
  • Taxonomic Identification of Macroalgae
  • Culture Clean up / isolation (pure algae cultures from mixed cultures)
  • Mass Culture Scale Up

Research Services Overview

Taxonomic Identification

The algae identification services are geared towards customer needs.

We can start with a basic microscopic analysis to get a provisional morphological ID (this is easier for the larger microalgae).
COST $175 per strain

For mixed cultures, we can conduct a basic microscopic analysis and determine relative proportions of obvious different species in the algae culture.
COST $225 per strain

A firmer identification can be obtained from 18S rRNA gene analysis, but we would typically recommend a 3-gene screen (18S rRNA; ITS and COX or 28S), this will give an ID to species level with high confidence – taxonomists prefer this level of confidence.

  • COST 18s rRNA $750 per strain
  • COST 18S rRNA; ITS and COX or 28S $1500 per strain

Mixed Culture Molecular Analysis

  • 18S rRNA PCR;
  • TA-cloning;
  • sequence analysis of 96 clones
  • COST $2,500 per culture
  • Grow cells from a culture on plate (assuming they can grow on a plate)
  • Pick individual colonies
  • 18S rRNA gene analysis of different colonies
  • COST $500 per colony (minimum 10 colonies)
  • Flow cytometry sorting of individual cultures
  • Downstream 18S rRNA gene analysis of sorted cells
  • Cost $3000 per culture

We can develop a diagnostic service for you based on a technique called Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP). It involves some basic characterization of your strain, then we would essentially have a diagnostic test for your cultures. High set up cost (approx. $5000) then relatively cheap quantitative analysis ($500 per sample).

Culture Clean Up

Commission Schenk Lab to clean up algal cultures contaminated with non-algal protists; other algae;
bacteria; fungi (prices will vary based on time spent and materials used)

  • Plating, dilution and/or antibiotic techniques charged at $175 an hour plus materials
  • Flow cytometry sorting techniques starting at $800 per culture plus materials